Lemon and other stories

Lemon and other stories



The address is: Calle (Street) Echegaray, number 10, intercom “4º esc.ext.izq”
Buzz the intercom to get the main door opened and then use the first stairs you find at the entrance, go up to the 4th loor, left door.
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/6ZSJEwK5WXWafc4b7
Closest metro stations: Sol (line 1, 2 and 3), Anton Martin (line 1). Train station: Sol
The main door downstairs lock is a bit loose, so you’ll have to wiggle the key a bit and even take it out about 1 millimeter.
You will dispose of 3 sets of keys, one for each of you, if you lose any, we will have to change the door lock and you’ll be charged for it.
Please lock the door every time you leave the apartment and never leave them in the door lock, as the door
doesn’t open from the outside if the key is in the lock.
Never open the door to anyone you don’t know. If they tell you it’s for gas, electricity or other issues, unless I’ve notified you in advance, you don’t have to let anybody in. Just tell them to leave even without opening the door.
Network: JAZZTEL-ufyn
Password: (indicated on the frame)
You have one AC unit in all 3 bedrooms that you can activate on heat mode and also electrical radiators in each room. However, radiators consume a lot of energy so it’s best to only use them while at home for a long while. You can press the bottom with the hand icon and set the temperature manually.
Electricity in Spain is very expensive compared to other countries, so you’ll have to think of this too.
Please use the A/C in a moderate and responsible way. Always TURN IT OFF every time you leave the apartment as it works very efficiently and fast when you need it back to the apartment. Please close the windows when the A/C is on.

Take out the organic garbage bags on a daily basis to the downstairs container in the street, at the
main door. That container is usually there from 7PM every day, but there is always one nearby.
Please, never leave any bag outside the container.

Recycling containers are located in different places in the city, you can take there all the carton (blue one),
plastic (yellow one) and glass (green one) any time day or night.

There are some at Plaza Santa Ana, at the parallel street behind the building.

1. Place suitable cookware on to the centre of the round plate. (Apartment cookware is induction suitable)
2. Press the On/Off button for 2 seconds to turn the appliance On. The On/Off indicator will illuminate.
3. Press the circle button of the plate you want to use, for example the left in the top. Also for 2 seconds.
4. Increase the temperature with the + sign or decrease with the – sign. Levels are from 0 o 9.
5. To end it, decrease the temperature to 0 of each individual plate and press the ON/OFF button if you want to turn them all off. Also, if you remove the frying pan from the plate, it will turn off automatically after some time for security reasons.
The clock button is for setting a time of cooking, like 20 minutes for example.
The key button is for locking/unlocking the control panel (kids safety), just press it for 2 or 3 seconds to lock/unlock it.
Please use the kitchen smoke extractor when cooking, it’s over the stove and you have to pull out the tray.
In the kitchen wall there is a smoke alarm for safety reasons in case you forget you have some cooking going on… Just press its only button to turn it off when it’s sounding.
– The hot water is already on, but you can adjust the boiler in case it’s too hot when washing dishes.
– Please, open the window after showers or the ceiling will get stains from humidity. If there is water on the floor, please mop it or it will cause humidity to the downstairs neighbor.
– Please only flush toilet paper, forget about flushable wipes too!
In Spain we dry clothes in racks, dryer machines are not very popular. You have an interior foldable rack and also exterior rolling cord from the kitchen window. (The cord from the dining room window belongs to the neighbor)
Anyways, you can use different laundromats nearby such as Colada express at calle Magdalena 38:
https://goo.gl/maps/cny5yRixqCBTuw8D8 and get it all washed and dried in one hour for about 8 euros.
In the first bedroom on the right there is a bed with storage under it. There is some stuff that you may use if you want, just pull carefully the lid upwards to open it and push it down from the mattress with both hands to close it.
● Smoking is not allowed, only at the balconies and closing the doors.
● You have to respect the resting hours of the building, which run from 22h to 8h, according to Madrid local regulation. This means no noises, no loud TV, no loud voices or music, no doors slam, quietly walk up building stairs and quietly walk on the apartment wooden floor. Of course, no parties at all. Neighbors might Echegaray 2 complain and you will get a 50€ penalty. You can be expelled from the apartment too if you don’t respect this.
● Any damage, breakdown or not working thing at the apartment has to be reported immediately, otherwise you will be responsible for the repair cost due to the delay in the communication.
● You can not modify the wifi password without previous authorization.
● At your check-out, you have to leave the apartment clean and tidy as you found it, removing all the trash and waste.
You can receive packages and letters at the apartment.
Receiving mail: indicate the address like this:
(Your name and last name)
Calle Echegaray, 10, 4 ext. izq Madrid 28014 – Spain.
The apartment mailbox is located at the main door corridor, just add your names on it but never remove “4 esc.ext.izq”
Receiving packages: The mailbox is only for letters: When you want to receive a package sent to your apartment, you could get a tracking number with the estimate day (and time frame sometimes) of arrival and somebody has to be home waiting for it. The messenger will buzz from downstairs or at the door.
If you are not home, they will leave a note in the mailbox with further instructions. Sometimes they send you an SMS or email and sometimes they will come back another time or you will have to go to their office to pick it up. It will depend on the delivery company.
Another option is to send the packages to another address where you know somebody could
pick it up. Also some companies like Amazon can deliver to a locker or pick up point where
you can go to collect it later, like nearby shops.
Sending mail: For letters, you can buy the stamps at the Tobacco places (Estanco) or Post
Offices (Correos) and drop them in public mailboxes (yellow ones in the picture).
Sending packages: go directly to the closest Correos office or call a delivery company such
as ASM, SEUR, UPS….(search on Google)
● Medical and police emergency: 112
● Locksmiths: If it’s late at night and you have any problem with the door, you can contact the apartment insurance company and say that you are the tenant (inquilino):
+34 918362090: They will ask for this details: Emma Fernández (DNI 71935459S) Calle Echegaray 10, 4 exterior izquierda
If that’s not possible, call: +34 915517003 (24h) Others just in case: +34 910913117, +34 645252573
(Salvador), +34 652810592, +34 608713115, +34 699299011

You’ll have to pay the locksmith if you lost the keys, forgot them inside or in the lock and it’s not done through the insurance company or they charge for it.
● Plumbers: Fontanería c/ Ave María +34 609793610, Paulino: +34 653509216