Lemon and other stories

Lemon and other stories

Our History


Lemon and other stories is a family company founded with the purpose of offering temporary accommodation in Madrid in a simple and easy way. Our apartments are fully equipped and you will only need to bring your suitcase and lots of energy to enjoy Madrid.

SINCE 2013

Our journey began in 2013, when I bought my first apartment in Madrid at Calle Limón. From that home search to its full renovation I learned a lot about all the things to be handled, the products, materials, the decisions we have to make, all the troubleshooting, etc. and, at the same time, it’s so rewarding to finally live in your own place made by you with all the details! Then, I decided to make a whole career change and specialized myself in the property management and rental in Madrid. So I launched Lemon and Other Stories with a simple mission: to help provide the best experience in Madrid, no matter the purpose or length of your stay. With a translator’s background, I’ve always traveled and lived in different countries, always willing to learn languages and discover new cultures. From moving with my family when I was a child, to sharing a flat or living in a dorm, I’ve changed homes so many times that I really know how hard it is when you don’t even know the city. Far away is 1999 when I went to Paris as an Erasmus student and it took me one month to find a room, calling from phone booths to the De particulier à particulier newspaper’s listings. A kind of an odyssey was to cross the pond to Mexico in 2001 with almost no information on the Internet. China got me lost in translation in 2008 but after 4 years I got a pretty good Beijing accent. All in all, these stories have shaped Lemon and Other Stories and we hope you could be part of the ones to come.